•Please attach related certification when checking in with a special price.
•To protect your right, the person booking the room shall be identical with the one checking in. When checking in, please provide the ID for verfication.
•Check in time: 3:00 pm. If you are not able to check in before 6:00 pm, please call the Hotel for reservation. If not, the room will be canceled without refund, and the Hotel will be offer the room to the guest on the waiting list.
•Check out time: Before 11:00 am
Procedure and Policy for Booking by Phone
•Please provide the dates and number of guests checking in. The Hotel will record your data and fax or e-mail the room booking authorization letter to you. Please confirm and return the letter back before the designated date. If not, the reserved room will automatically be cancelled without notification.
•There is limited number of rooms. Please make reservation as early as possible to make sure you book the type of room you desire for.
Online Booking Procedure and Policy
•Those booking a room online have to agree to pay for the total amount of the room.
•After you pay for the amount online with a credit card, the payment will be immediately deducted from your credit card account.
•After the online reservation is confirmed, if you need to change the checking in date, please call the Hotel reservation hotline during working hours at 07-7405999.
•The prices online all include tax and service fees.
•There is limited number of rooms. Please make reservation as early as possible to make sure you book the type of room you desire for.
Procedure and Policy for Booking with a Voucher
•The voucher is at a special price with a receipt given in advance. No receipt will be given during room booking. If you need to return the voucher and get refunded, please attach the receipt as well.
•The voucher cannot be used together with other special discounts. It is valid when stamped with the Hotel seal. The voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.
•The voucher is used anonymously. Please keep it safe. No reissuance for lost, damaged, or amended vouchers.
•When checking in, please bring the original of the voucher to the receptionist. 
•To change a room or project, you have to compensate for the difference according to the price of the voucher and that of the room. The prices of the rooms and projects shall be based on the prices on the checking in date.
•After the voucher expires, if the price of the room is adjusted, you have to compensate for the difference when using the voucher.
•To book a room with a voucher, please make reservation by phone instead of online.
Weekdays and Holidays
•Weekdays: Sunday to Thursday (except for holidays, important holidays, and busy days)
•Holidays: Friday to Saturday
•Important Holidays: Sunday to Friday during summer vacation, New Year’s Eve, long holidays and eve of long holidays
•Busy Days: Saturdays during summer vacation, during Chinese New Year, during Spring Scream
•The period of Chinese New Year and summer vacation shall based on the announcement of the Hotel.
•The change of the weekdays, holidays, important holidays, and busy days shall be based on the announcement on the Hotel’s website. No notification will be made otherwise.
Other Remarks
•The abovementioned prices are by NTD. Extra 10% service fees will be charged.
•Credit cards and Citizen’s Travel Card are acceptable.
•Please make reservation in advance for a room with barrier free environment
※Free for children under 114cm
※Children between 115cm (included) and 150cm (included) will be charged for breakfast without additional beds. If they need additional beds, the fee for additional guests will be charged.
※Those above 151cm will be considered adults and be charged for additional guests.
•Please make reservation and pay for additional fees for checking in early or delaying checking out.
•The boarders can access to the leisure and recreation device in the Hotel.Free Wi-Fi and free parking space (until all the space is occupied)
•Checking in time: after 3:00 pm; checking out time: before 11:00 am
•No notification will be made otherwise for the change of prices. Please refer to the announcement in the Hotel.